The two biggest mistakes people with back pain make - and how to solve it.

When back pain strikes I see people do these two mistakes all the time, and I even did them myself for years not knowing they only made things worse.

Mistake #1: Trying to fight back pain by strengthening your back muscles.

 This is very common. People think this all the time. However the vast majority of people don't have back problems caused by a weak lower back but rather they are a result of a weak core! When your core is weak your lower back has to strain and work extra hard so the last thing you need to do is work it even more.

 If you want to avoid pain in your back, hips and knees the secret is in your core.

Mistake #2: Resting your back. 

In the health community we've know for a long time that prolonged rest only makes your back more stiff and your muscles weaker. 

I remember when my dad blew out his back, he quit everything from gardening to walking. I told him that he needed to start moving or it wasn't going to get any better.

 I'm not saying he needed to do anything intense, but he needed to start moving gently in order to bounce back much faster.

 Forget about strenuous workouts after you strain your back, but you need to start trying a few surprising micro movement.

 I know this sounds radical but if your back hurts I urge you to follow along this unlikely 12 minute routine that has been shown to wipe out sciatica and lower back pain


Sincerely, Richard

Get rid of back pain and enjoy life again even when traditional therapy never seems to work

Stabiloga is a newly developed back relief program, designed to help you regain your vitality and quality of life for good. Your back pain will vanish in a very easy, convenient and time-saving way. You simply follow specific movements every day at your home. Specially designed micro movements are arranged in a precise sequence and progression, stimulating your nervous system, specific muscles and tendons in a unique way to remove your back pain. The routine is very gentle and you only need a few minutes for it.


"...I have been doing the Stabiloga program for the last 3 months and since the beginning every exercise has been an amazing relief for my back. My back pain has reduced gradually, the more time that I'm practicing the exercises the better that I feel. I'm including the Stabiloga program in my daily routine and definitely recommend it to all the people with back pain."

Ckori V.


This innovative program adapts to your individual situation. You will additionally learn how to prevent back pain in daily life. The program is a carefully designed motion program that will not only stop your pain, but keep you in shape for years to come.

"...To my astonishment, after 4 weeks, my back pain started reducing. Even my stiff neck felt much better and I was able to turn my head with much more ease. After 2 months, the pain has disappeared and I can lift my kid again with confidence!..."

Marc H.

80 specifically selected and created movements are choreographed in a specific order and progression. Even if you are completely unfit, the Stabiloga sequence gently prepares your body, eliminates imbalances and develops the necessary core stability to eliminate your back pain.

The secret of the method is the gentle stimulation of specific muscles, tendons and nerves in a precisely coordinated sequence that changes every day and adapts to your individual situation.

You could find out your individual sequence all on your own. But it may take you months or even years of research.

Using the Stabiloga program you just conveniently follow along and have peace of mind that your back is healing for good without taking any risks.

"... For years I have woken up every morning with massive back pain. Visits to the doctor, massage and other therapies have each brought only short-term relief. After only 4 weeks of Stabiloga I had my back problems under control. Since then, I still do the exercises sporadically as a preventive measure. What is especially amazing for me is that the Stabiloga exercises are so pleasant that you don't have to overcome yourself."

Marc D.


  • People of all age groups with chronic back pain
  • People who have already tried many methods to stop the back pain without success
  • People who have problems introducing a new routine in their lives

You can access the Stabiloga program anytime anywhere. It works on your smartphone, tablet, computer or TV.

"...I felt pain in my lower back in the evening. This led to frequent cortisone injections. Since I have been doing the Stabiloga program, I am pain-free..."

Cornelia S.

  • Try it out completely risk free. - If you do not like the program, you will get the full purchase price back within the first 30 days. No questions asked.