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"... For years I have woken up every morning with massive back pain. Visits to the doctor, massage and other therapies have each brought only short-term relief. After only 4 weeks of Stabiloga I had my back problems under control. Since then, I still do the exercises sporadically as a preventive measure. What is especially amazing for me is that the Stabiloga exercises are so pleasant that you don't have to overcome yourself."

Marc D.

"...I have been doing the Stabiloga program for the last 3 months and since the beginning every exercise has been an amazing relief for my back. My back pain has reduced gradually, the more time that I'm practicing the exercises the better that I feel. I'm including the Stabiloga program in my daily routine and definitely recommend it to all the people with back pain."

Ckori V.

The smart answer to Back Pain

Stabiloga introduces a groundbreaking back relief strategy aimed at permanently enhancing your vitality and life quality. Simplified for your convenience and to save time, Stabiloga offers an accessible online course. Within this program, you engage daily with concise, targeted exercises curated by your personal back coach, right from the comfort of your home. These exercises, meticulously organized in a specific order, activate your nervous system and particular muscles and tendons in a gentle yet effective manner, effectively reversing back pain.

Tailored to fit your unique needs, Stabiloga also equips you with knowledge on how to prevent or minimize back pain in your everyday activities, promising a solution meant for sustained use. By dedicating just a few minutes a day to the Stabiloga program, you gain exclusive entry to a specially tailored regimen designed to not only alleviate your pain but also maintain your wellness and vitality for the long haul. Commit to regaining 100% of your vitality and improving your quality of life with Stabiloga.

"...To my astonishment, after 4 weeks, my back pain started reducing. Even my stiff neck felt much better and I was able to turn my head with much more ease. After 2 months, the pain has disappeared and I can lift my kid again with confidence!..."

Marc H.


The Stabiloga program is expertly designed with 80 unique movements, arranged in a deliberate sequence and progression. Tailored to accommodate any fitness level, this sequence progressively conditions your body, corrects imbalances, and fosters the stability required to dissolve back pain.

The effectiveness of Stabiloga lies in the subtle activation of targeted muscles, tendons, and nerves through a daily-evolving sequence that personalizes to your specific needs. Emphasizing the stabilization of the hips, trunk, back, and shoulders, this method offers a strategic approach to conquering back pain.


  • People with back pain who sit many hours every day
  • People whose back pain keeps coming back
  • People who have already tried many methods to stop back pain
  • Business people who have an extremely busy calendar and very limited time available
  • People who are willing to invest a few minutes a day to regain vitality and joy of life
  • All those who have no more patience with treatments that work only for a short time
  • Unathletic as well as athletic people
  • People aged between 30 and 80

If the scenarios described resonate with you, then the Stabiloga program is tailored specifically for your needs. Within this program, you'll explore movements meticulously chosen and crafted to rejuvenate your back and shoulders from the strains of a sedentary lifestyle. These exercises are far more gentle and accessible than traditional workouts, often leaving participants pleasantly surprised. Many of our participants even refer to it as "muscle meditation" due to the soothing, relaxation-like quality of the daily-changing short movement patterns.

This unique approach is precisely why Stabiloga is so effective, along with its thoughtfully structured sequence. Beyond the 12-minute daily exercises, the program enriches you with extensive insights on back pain management, equipping you with the knowledge and tools to enhance your well-being, joy, and productivity. This guidance ensures your long-term flexibility, mobility, and happiness, counteracting the effects of prolonged sitting. Stabiloga is also beneficial for individuals experiencing sciatica, upper back, and neck pain, offering a comprehensive solution for various discomforts.

"...I felt pain in my lower back in the evening. This led to frequent cortisone injections. Since I have been doing the Stabiloga program, I am pain-free..."

Cornelia S.


Stabiloga is made to help you for many years, not just to quickly hide your pain for a little while. It gets to the root of what's causing your back pain and holding you back in life.

From my own experience, I've found that with most regular back pain treatments, you have to keep doing them over and over because the pain keeps coming back. With Stabiloga, you can avoid spending lots of money and time on endless treatments.

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